Love a bit of light reading over the wintery months. Here is what has been on my bedside table.


Three Women – Lisa Taddeo. This is an extraordinary look at relationships through the female gaze.Enjoy the process of deciding which story you identify with and which makes you despair and actually go there. LOVE.


City of Girls – Liz Gilbert. We waited and Liz delivered. Feminine desire, sexuality and the many ways that we can relate to each other through love, over the years. Put the weekend aside, get your feet up and devour this one.


Maybe You Should Talk To Someone – Lori Gottleib. Are you a therapist? This is a MUST read. I believe all therapists should complete lashings of therapy before they are let loose on a real client. While it tackles the big themes this is essentially a light hearted read for anyone. Particularly resonate for anyone in the helping professions or anyone a bit in love with their therapist.


Flash Count Diary – Darcey Steinke. We know very little about menopause and Darcey uses a memoir style to write about what has been undiscovered. This book took me into her view of this life change, as well as into the world of whales, which are the only other animal to go through menopause. Making meaning of her menopause is a ground breaking read.


The Top Five Regrets of the Dying – Bronnie Ware. Finding purpose in care and end of life work, Bronnie shares what she has learned from people who are facing their own mortality. This of course is a refreshing reminder to all that life is fleeting. Learn from those who know they are close to the end to make yours count.


The Hope Circuit – Martin Seligman.  Of course Martin Seligman has had such a significant impact on thinking about the good life and wellbeing in the last 30 years. In this book, he shares what this has meant for him personally. There are a few stories that are taken from earlier books, however it is a fruitful look at thinking about they way we chose to relate to our life.

Katie Carter is the Founder of Womenkind and is interested in all things mental health, wellbeing, spirituality and relationship and social justice. Want to work 1:1 with Katie? Reach out via her website.


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