Want to put down the heavy MENTAL LOAD you’re carrying?

Carrying a heavy mental load is tiresome and sucks the joy right out of life. The easiest way create new ways of thinking is be practicing them. Most of us have been directly or indirectly taught that feeling good and feeling good about ourselves is NOT ok.  If it is time to change that you can read on.

Now putting down the mental load doesn’t mean that the challenging things change…it means we change how we relate to them. 

Positive emotions are considered the foundation of optimal mental wellbeing. Here are a few top tips for cultivating more positive emotions and putting down the mental load.





Let me know how you go with your practice of creating new ways of thinking and being.


Dr. Katie xx


Katie Carter is the Founder of Womenkind. She is a passionate advocate of justice, community and human rights for all. She believes in a devolved system of power that recognises the vulnerable and values diversity. Her stuff spans mental health, wellbeing, spirituality and relationship. You will find her writing, coaching, speaking and researching via her website.


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