Life Coaching

Are you ready to commit to personal transformation? Life Coaching is an opportunity to work one-to-one with Katie Carter. All of these sessions are conducted over Skype, making it time efficient and accessible. Carve out time to be listened to, generate your own solutions and to move forward. This is an intensive way of supporting you in whatever your circumstances are. Underpinning all coaching are the practices of mindfulness, strengths based and self-compassion practices. Move from surviving to thriving through commitment to self-love and resilience building. Please contact Katie for an obligation free, 15 minute discussion.

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"Thanks so much for talking with me today. I am already beginning to feel inspired. I am very eager to take on board the ideas we discussed today. I'm grateful that you were able to enlighten me as to other ways of looking at how things are and have the potential to be.I will let you know how my journey goes and maybe another session down the track would be very beneficial to help keep me on track as well look at some other ideas!! I'm now feeling like the world is my oyster, rather than some completely foreign land that I have inadvertently stepped into :-) " – Jenny
"Ahhhh ha! I had so many of these moments during our sessions. Things fell into place. I recommend Katie for women who are at a cross roads" – JM
"I didn't know how to be kind to myself. Despite lots of difference therapists I still wan't where I wanted to be. My sessions with Katie really helped. I felt safe and trust her. This has made a difference to me" – Carlene