I am so glad you popped by to look at Womenkind Coaching services. Have you been struggling with something lately? It is natural for life to become overwhelming at times and the great news is that there is a way out of a challenging mental and emotional place. Whatever your goals are, we can support you with them. If you want less mental struggle and overwhelm – reach out, this is what Womenkind does, everyday.

To book a session email Dr. Katie at and you can make a time that is convenient. You will be sent an information leaflet upon booking. Prior to your session, you will need to purchase a session from the website. 

What is different about Womenkind Coaching?

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"Thank you, thank you. It has taken a few months but it is falling into place now. I will keep you posted Katie. " – Gemma
"I started coaching with Katie after a really difficult time. I have had to do some healing so I could ask myself what kind of life I wanted. The possibilities are in front of me." – Hattie
"The hardest thing has been putting my needs in front of my kids. I was just always worn out. I have found my sessions really helped me in setting an agenda so I could say no to my family and then do the things that made me well." – Elsa
"I didn't know what boundaries were! I spent all of my time doing for other and then got so resentful. I know now what my own wellbeing is. I did it at 47!!!!!" – Jan
"After my children I had some PND. I got help from my GP and then a psych. They helped but I didn't really gel with either of them. I adore our talks Katie. You have the compassion and expertise for this kind of work."