Practical Steps to Saying NO

This time of year is notoriously busy. Instead of giving all of yourself to others, how about setting some boundaries and really honouring you? Learning to say no to requests, demands and even offers leaves us with the space that many of us crave. However it isn’t just space that this brings. It also gives us mental clarity and a sense of ourselves. If we exist at others beck and call, we risk giving up a vital aspect of ourselves. I have learnt that by being selective with my time, it truly has given me the space to pursue the things that I love.

When people ask me how I juggle things, it is mostly because I have let go of things that I don’t want in my life. Not because of any skill set of exceptional organisation. Are you ready to focus on what you want? I don’t think it is selfish, I think it is survival.

Here are some tips to get you started. Grab a diary and make some notes. It is great to actually write or speak our intentions so that they become more meaningful and we become accountable:

If this is a new experience for you and you are feeling significant guilt, spend some time really examining the experience of guilt itself. Not the thoughts alone but the feeling as well. Quite often getting to know guilt and befriending it means, it is nothing to be afraid of. One can just acknowledge guilt and not need to act on it.

I spend lots of time coaching women on how to learn these skills to become self directed and ultimately fulfilled. Get in touch if you’d like some one-to-one time via Life Coaching. Love Katie Carter BSW, Masters Human Rights, Life Coach & Teacher

Katie Carter is the Founder of Womenkind. She is a passionate advocate of justice, community and human rights for all. She believes in a devolved system of power that recognises the vulnerable and values diversity. Her stuff spans mental health, wellbeing, spirituality and relationship. You will find her writing, coaching, speaking and researching via her website.

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