Is this the summer you give up body shame?

The summer in Australia is just around the corner. I am asking you, instead of the self-flagellation that summer can bring, instead join me and practice self acceptance and compassion.  I wonder how many of you do the thing where you actively avoid mirrors, photographs and any reflections because you cannot deal with what we will see?

This kind of thinking plagues so many of us causing crippling self doubt and sucking the joy right out of life. This is not only a young woman’s issue. I don’t believe for a moment that this just simply goes away with time. I know that women well into their midlife and well beyond are grappling being ok with their physical appearance.

I really wonder what would happen if we all decided to remind ourselves and each other, that we are absolutely perfect, the way we are? Changing your mindset about your body takes a deliberate approach. Here are some of my tips for getting started:

Would you like one-to-one support with this or something similar? Consider a life coaching session to get your mindset in the space of acceptance and compassion. What a gift. Love Katie

I offer one-to-one life coaching for women to support self-acceptance, self-direction and authenticity. Coaching is an opportunity to explore the beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back, to put in boundaries and to enhance relationships. Contact Katie on 0432711403 to discuss your coaching needs.

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