Can you honour the seasons of your beating heart?

There will be the cold wintery times, when we need to hide away from the world. When we are must cocoon ourselves. It gets messy. It gets fragile. These are the times when we are growing. These are the days when we have things to figure out.  These times can tear us apart. In their own way, they are meant to. We are given an opportunity to find the pieces and gently, lovingly glue them back together, using our tears. Of course, we can never piece ourselves together exactly the same way. There will always be a silvery outline of being broken. We always remember being pierced open and shattered into love.

In this space of drawing the pieces together we are given an opportunity to ask ourselves…how will I become?

You will be able to notice this season in the people around you. They will become unsure, uncertain and less confident (as we like to refer to it). Often we like to see this as a negative, we will notch it up as a loss. The loss is necessary. It is through this wounding, that we are able to draw in the light of goodness. We undo the knots of scar tissue that surround the metaphoric heart. Loosening these knots allows us to slip into the expanse of wonder that is beyond. We get a taste of the depths of love. Once open, we will never be able to forget. We will turn our lives to this experience, over and over again.

We can be hard on ourselves (and others) during these times. We can pine for the person we were or they were. Learning how to honour the heart and the periods of transformation means acknowledging these times as vital. Without them there can be no change, growth or metamorphosis.

Are you in a period of growth? Is someone close to you?

When I am coaching, counselling, mentoring or teaching I work with people in these wintery days of their heart season. This is often when we reach out for support. These are the days when we can’t see or feel a road in front of ourselves and it gets overwhelming. 

If you are in this stage of life…can you ignore all of the ‘shoulds’ and instead just rest into the winter? Below are three of the key things I have observed about growth.  

One of the most difficult experiences for us to stay with is that of uncertainty. It is so alien to us that we can hardly even give it a name. For an adult to admit they are completely lost and unsure takes full brave heart courage. If you are uncertain relinquish the fight with yourself. Uncertainty becomes the path itself.

Resilience isn’t the absence of challenging periods; it is the way in which we negotiate what we are presented with. The most resilient of us are those who have touched the depths of the heart, reclaimed the pieces of ourselves and lovingly drawn them back together. If you are yet to do this, your resilience has yet to be tested.

Outpourings of emotions make us uncomfortable. We are used to the experience of ‘being in control’. Allow the heart to express its anguish. Let it all out. Allow yourself to pulsate with feeling. If we shut this expression down, without fully letting it express, we get caught in a cycle of repetition. Honour your emotional expression. It is this expression that is the bounty for creativity and beauty. When we are able to bow down into the mystery of life and see it as not an orchestration of our own, we reclaim the jewels of mystery, gratitude and humility.

Reclaiming the heart space as a place of depth, beauty, flow and creativity brings us fully into contact with our own vibrancy. It is the contradiction of healing, that we need to be able to experience all including suffering, to be whole. It is a journey that the mind cannot really fathom. It has to be felt and expressed to become an embodied.

So sometimes in our life we need to put down the books. We need to stop hiding behind intellectual knowing. We need to find the courage to open up into our fullest embodied expression. We need to find our pulse and follow its beat. Allow it to pull us deeply into what is calling us. When we can do this, we honour the heart. From here we draw ourselves together into fullness. We can match our head and heart knowing in a balanced way. We  integrate, align and connect intimately with the depth of other life all around us.

Honouring the seasons of the heart space is the reclamation of these times. If you are on the journey, follow, reclaim, grow, express, create, honour yourself into the realm of BEING.

With love, Katie xx

Katie is a life coach, mental health professional, writer and teacher. She is interested in post-traumatic growth, spirituality and all things social justice. She is a passionate advocate for spreading hope of recovery and a world where all can thrive.

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  1. Nerida O'Hare says:

    I have read this piece three times Katie. It holds so much for me and it brings such comfort.

    • Katie Carter says:

      Mum – its official. YOU ARE MY BIGGEST FAN!!!! Love you and thanks for reading. I sure do love writing and sharing my words xxxx

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