Katie Carter & Womenkind

About Womenkind

When women change, the world changes with them.

So many of us want the world to be different and want to bring about sustainable and meaningful change. The secret is, to start with ourselves. A central part of this is committing to being authentic, purposeful and active agents in our lives. When we know how to deeply love ourselves we can offer this to our families, friends, children and communities. We lead the change that we can see the world so badly needs. This can mean cultivating resilience, healing after mental ill-health, living more freely from trauma. It means taking the difficulties and learning from them, in a way that is supportive and meaningful. Through re-storying our lives we become congruent, fiercely determined and express authentically in the world. Are you craving contentment, authenticity and to show your true colours? Find strength, become unshakeable and live from ethics that are meaningful to you. Womenkind is committed to this action and welcome any women who are on the same journey. Make space for yourself and see yourself flourish. You are completely worth it.

About Katie

I describe myself best as a storyteller, coach and researcher. Central to all my work is my own experience of recovery. I have traversed the difficulty of healing from childhood abuse and the subsequent challenges in terms of self-acceptance and relationship expression. I hold optimism for others who are in the same or similar situations of grief, loss, trauma and relationship breakdown. I use my story in the hope that more women will become comfortable and accepting of their own, without the shame. I also draw on 20 years of work experience in the areas of women and children’s rights, counselling, trauma and mental health recovery and wellbeing services. This experience includes holding senior positions within government and the not for profit sector.

I am a passionate advocate of women receiving quality and evidenced information to support living meaningful lives. I have enjoyed a varied and rich career including being able to work in different places including Perth, Brisbane, Central and North Queensland, Japan, Bangladesh and the UK. Knowledge is an important part of being able to support and promote integration in others. I have been an explorer of mindfulness, meditation and yoga from early on in my life. Through sincerely integrating these teachings into my own life, I feel confident to share them with others.