Dr. Katie & Womenkind

About Womenkind

Women can have optimal mental wellbeing. It is entirely possible. To realise this potential we may need to make some changes and consider new ways of viewing old problems. Womenkind was created to help other women with their mental health needs. However we don’t stop here. Womenkind’s vision is created on the knowledge that our circumstances and environment shape our experience and in terms of women’s mental health – this often gets overlooked.

Our mental health is impacted upon by factors including cultural expectations of women, gender inequity, the gender pay gap,  hormonal changes, family of origin trauma, sexual violence and harassment, family and domestic violence, before during and after pregnancy and childbirth and as we age (to name a few factors). The creation of Womenkind comes from the need for an exceptional mental health service that is sensitive to all of these factors.

About Dr. Katie

Finding a sense of my ‘self’ is my greatest achievement in my life. It was hard won but I am grateful everyday for having found the thing that I so deeply craved. I have traversed the difficulty of healing from childhood abuse and the subsequent challenges in terms of self-acceptance and relationship expression. I hold optimism for others who are in the same or similar situations of grief, loss, trauma and relationship breakdown. I use my story in the hope that more women will become comfortable and accepting of their own, without shame.

I also draw on 20 plus years of work experience in the areas of women and children’s rights, counselling, trauma and mental health recovery and wellbeing services. This experience includes holding senior positions within government and the not for profit sector. I have worked with thousands of people in my career and have supported them in finding their sense of ‘self’, safety and contentment.

I am a passionate advocate of women receiving quality and evidenced based services.