3 Key Steps TO Deal With Someone Angry

Ah When someone gets angry in our presence, it can really be hard to deal with. Particularly when that person directs it all at us. Learning not to take on someone else’s emotional experience is incredibly liberating. These are the 3 keys to engaging a person in a heightened state such as anger.


Most people identify straight with someone’s emotional experience. Instead of identifying with the emotion – in this instance anger, identify with the person. This places a safe boundary between you both, it is this distance that allows you to be a support person and also establishes safety for yourself. You can try to:


Once you have connected with someone (and only once you have connected) start to draw on strategies that calm.

Problem Solve

Sometimes an angry outburst is precipitated by an event that can trigger a sense of overwhelm or powerlessness.

Support someone to identify what this was and for them to identify what they can do to remedy this. This isn’t about giving advice, it is about asking them, how they want to handle this problem or issue. This supports the person in being able to regain a sense of empowerment, which is often lacking when people live in a state of continual anger

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Katie Carter is the Founder of Womenkind. She is a passionate advocate of justice, community and human rights for all. She believes in a devolved system of power that recognises the vulnerable and values diversity. Her stuff spans mental health, wellbeing, spirituality and relationship. You will find her writing, coaching, speaking and researching via her website.


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